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Professional Certified Massage Therapist (16+ years) 

Ultimate Healing Therapy

Concentrated on sports-related muscle groups,

this massage uses slow, deep movements to manipulate muscles, trigger points

and jointsand aid in reducing scar tissue.

Apart from the sport and medical segment, the massage includes a combination of the 

following: Dina & Yumeiho massage, Thai, Shiatsu, lymph drainage, spinal decompression,

foot reflexology, silicone cups vacuum massage, informodiagnostics & informotherapy, energy treatment.




“I’ve tried various massages in my life: sports, medical, acupressure, reflex therapies, Ayurvedic massages, shiatsu, lymph drainage, biodynamic massage, various intuitive massages, water massages, hot and cold oil massages…

Tom’s Ultimate Massage experience falls under a special category, or better yet, integrates and surpasses all these categories.

I can attest with a peace of mind: through continuous mastering and eclectic blending of only the finest elements, Tomislav has achieved the best results in comparison with everything I’ve tried in the world of massages. And he keeps getting better and better every single time!

With this incredible intuition and sensitive adjustment to each individual person, issue and body part, he has achieved the ultimate effect for the body and soul.

The beneficial impact of his hands surpasses the effects of deep relaxation and body healing: the combination of massaging, breathing and music also has a deep spiritual effect.

Your body becomes weightless, pain and blockades disappear, your body and soul blend into the timeless space of insight, relaxation and relief. Flexibility, mobility, vitality and energy, as well as the will and joy of living are all regained.

It’s difficult to describe with words the experience of Tom’s ultimate massage, so I am only left with one thing: advice and recommendation – indulge in this unique experience."


Dr. med. Robert Duras, spec. psychiatrist psychotherapist -


"For me, this massage was ultimately encompassing – and by that I don’t mean just the physical level.

As a sensitive person who feels energies, I can attest that this massage is a unique physical and energetic experience. Tomislav is an extremely energetically clean and fluid therapist, so when you submit yourself “into his arms”, a powerful inflow of high vibrational energy is activated which can help you break through blockages at all levels.

At a physical level, Tomislav listens to your body and its needs and intuitively feels energetic nodes, so he pays special attention to the cramp or pain area until the tension is released and circulation and flow regained.

At the energetic level, he guides you to sustain the process of purifying the etheric body through conscious breathing, leading you into a placid meditative state in which, if you let yourself go, you can obtain profound insights. While opening yourself to the entire process, you can become aware of your suppressed emotions, beliefs about yourself that are holding you down, and the energies compressed up to the level of pain which was manifested in the body. The result is a conscious release of the burden which then opens the space for healing.

All of these together result in a feeling of being reborn after the massage, and lightness of spirit and body. My recommendation for you is to try and let yourself go with trust."

Ljiljana Marijanović  -  Ljubav. Radost & Anđeli


Gabrijela Andrijević - Sport and Medical massage - course

Branimir Vajda - Physiatrist - 6 year assistant

Jurica Manestar - IBTT & IBTT Level2- courses

Momir Milinkovic - Dina massage - experience

Maja Šamarinac - Energetics training - courses, books

Jadranka Škarica - Autogenic training - experience, books

Saša Benić - Thai massage - course Robert Duras - spec psychiatrist psychotherapist - experience

Marina PapecEnergetics training - courses, retreats, books

Ljiljana Marijanović Energetics training & Constellations - courses

Mislav Ucović - Graphic Design of Logos

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                              OAKWORKS Massage Tables (CROATIA)






Maja Šamarinac     - "Jednostavnost Života"

                                 - "Vi ste Svoja posljedica"

Zdenka Andrijić      - "Vrijeme Anđela"

Jadranka Škarica   - "Sveto Trojstvo"

                                 - "Kreativna Sreća"

Marjan Ogorevc      - "Iscjeljivanje Karmičkom Dijagnostikom"

                                 - "Suvremena Bioterapija"

                                 - "Samoiscjeljivanje Karmičkom Dijagnostikom"

Marina Papec          - "Blizanačke Duše"

                                  - "Šaptač Snova"

Michael Brown        - "The Presence Process"

Dr.Eric Pearl            - "The Reconnection"

Luise L. Hay             - "You Can Heal Your Life"

Michael Newton      - "Journey of Souls"

Mabel Katz               - "Zero Frequency"

Robin Sharma         - "Monk Who Sold His Ferrari"

                                  - "The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO"

Suh Yoon Lee           - "The Having"

Osho                          - "Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic"

Hermann Hesse       - "Siddhartha"

Michael A. Singer     - "The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself"

Marlo Morgan           - "Mutant Message Down Under"

Tomislav Franić

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