project by Tomislav Franic

Inspired by excellent organization of support for raising extremely enormous amount of money for the attempt to treat the “little lion”, Nora Šitum, the spontaneous organization enabling everyone to easily participate and help, whichcame true, owing to a big heart and love of people from these regions, I have decided to start the Every Child project  which will provide a round-up and complete free service for every child which really needs it.


The idea of this website is to enable, as easy as possible, raising funds for Every Child whose parents are not able to raise enough money for a certain, necessary operation or treatment.


I would like to state several facts which distinguish this project from others, i.e. its advantages.


  • With the possibility of payment via an SMS or phone call, which I consider very important, a donation will be made, e.g. in the amount of 6.00 HRK.

    Every child would have its “060 XXX” number for an SMS or call, and an open, separate bank account which would be closed automatically when the required amount of money is raised, and the money would then be forwarded directly to the place where the operation or treatment takes place.

    The possibility of online credit card payment, payment through the application and directly in the bank.


  • Therefore, the first step is the  charity link - separate accounts for Every Child:

    Every citizen/company knows the exact location of every kuna for the exact child they wish to help, which will immediately be visible on the website (or a day later, depending on the payment method), in order to know exactly how much money is still required for every child.

    Each account is automatically closed when the money is raised, and the potential surplus is immediately returned to the donor’s account.


  • Regarding the donors, the donations will be made anonymously or through a website registration.

    They will be able to register as private (by a nickname or the real name) or business users, i.e. the companies who wish to participate in charities.

    All donors will be awarded with a thank-you letter and ranked, depending on the donated amount and the number of donations, regardless of the amount.

    The website will state c. last 50 payments, the list of 50 most frequent donors and the list of 50 top donors regarding the donated amounts, but without the actual amounts, both for private and business users.

    The website will also have a search bar for searching registered users.


  • Marketing – Information on every (new) child / user will be published via (sponsor) internet portals, newspapers and television; information sharing will be the only thing that will be asked from those sponsors. It will be possible to share information on Every Child on all social networks, but the “Every Child” website will not have its account on them.

    Since, unfortunately, not everything can be free, the project will include a monthly cost calculation:


  • For every child, a special 060 number amounts to XXX + VAT

  • Website & application design one-time payment + monthly maintenance

  • Every child’s bank account (if a certain bank is not a sponsor, but it will be :)

  • Legal department + doctors, if they do not wish to volunteer

  • Secretary, a person who receives the calls, pays visits, gathers documentation, checks everything and forwards where necessary, will work for a salary

  • Accounting


    For inevitable monthly maintenance costs, there will be a separate link for donation/sponsorship based on monthly costs.

    A separate account will cover project maintenance requirements:

    The account will cover variable monthly costs, depending on the number of children, i.e. the number of phone lines and bank accounts, current costs for website maintenance and persons in charge of taking calls, accounting, etc.

    Therefore, a live meter will show the amount of necessary and donated funds required for project maintenance for the current month and a detailed calculation, list of the association’s costsfor every previous month.

    Every surplus on the variable monthly account of sponsors and donators would be directed to the cost book for further months, and with any luck, years, which would also be visible on the website.

    The surplus from that account would also be used for helping children who are first on the link list and for buying essential devices for hospitals, required for treatments, examinations and keeping children alive.


    In the end, I would also like to name the work group necessary for project / website realization and maintenance.


    Doctors who will cooperate with the doctors in charge of every child in order to confirm and check their diagnoses, medical documentation, and to agree on the fact that the respective treatment or operation in the stated amount is the only necessary and possible solution.


    Attorney-at-law who would be authorised to check the financial status of Every Child’s parents in order to avoid persons who own seaside villas, more apartments, expensive cars etc., and are seeking help. I would like to dedicate this project exclusively to those who do not have enough funds, so that everything can be black and white, and verified.


    Webmaster for designing, maintaining and updating website and application contents.

    I found a top team of programmers for the website and application design of the highest quality.


    Secretary – person who will receive calls, forward contacts and information among potential users of website services and the working group of doctors, legal department, accounting, etc.




    My role will only be humanitarian, i.e. to put this idea into action; this will be life’s biggest gift to me.

This is only the beginning. Further project development is envisaged as a big (informative)platform for all charity, volunteer associations and action they enforce, and not as a competition. The platform is intended for all volunteers and their volunteer actions and education in exchange for their volunteer and humanitarian engagement, and unemployed graduated students will have paid professional internship in exchange for working with children with special needs across Croatia